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Vests and Patches

A big part of the fun of Wildcat Nation is earning patches for different events, activities and achievements. But first, you must get a vest. There are a couple options for purchasing vests and putting on patches. 


Hector Ayala is the guy who does pretty much everything with vests. 

Venmo @hector-ayala-79

This has been an informal system for a VERY long time.  He's a hard guy to find since he closed his storefront in Encinitas,  but we will get his info posted here soon. Typically he shows up to a number of campouts and sells everything you need.  This season we will get the whole vest vendor formalized a little better.


Patches are earned both formally and informally and are given out by Club Leadership at each campout to active participants.  A number of specific patches may be earned over time by showing spirit and knowledge, as well as participating in activities and representing the Six Aims.

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