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Message From Wildcat Nation Chief

We hope you all are off to an amazing summer and are chomping at the bit for some WILDCAT fun and adventure!

Welcome to the Wildcat Nation 2017-2018 season. Mini Chief Hailey, Medgirls Skyler and Raegan and Mac and I are thrilled to lead and serve Wildcat, the Y’s best nation. In honor of the Great Spirit and past Sachems, we are looking forward to a great season filled with enthusiasm, deep-belly laughs, historic nation fires, and ever-lasting memories built together with our daughters.

What’s in store? A mix of “New” and “Classic” venues – we will start the season off as the guests of the 1st Marine Division at Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton. At Del Mar, we will share the sun and surf with Mohawk Nation – Med will make sure Mohawk receives the heavier dose of the Semper Fi Sunday morning training. We will wrap-up the fall/winter schedule with a haunted Lake Skinner; the traditional Wildcat Thanksgiving feast at Idyllwild and the always fun Encinitas Holiday Parade.

We will ring-in the new year with the Marston Players and rock wall climbing at Camp Marston, February with our princesses at the Sweetheart Ball along with award-winning bass fishing at Empire Ranch (aka...Lansing Ranch) and as March roars in, Wildcat Nation will be the first Nation to ever host a campout at Bates Nut Farm!

With spring in bloom and the San Jacinto mountain thawed, Wildcat Nation heads back into the hills for scenic mountain views, thrilling mountain biking and rustic camping in April at Hurkey Creek. Hot Hot the May temperature rises, we will set sail for the emerald green waters at Two Harbors – a perfect destination for swimming, kayaking and sport-fishing too. We will end another great season with Mohawk and Wildcat families in June at Vail Lake. At Vail, Mac and

I will continue tradition and turn our nation’s leadership back to the Great Spirit’s wisdom....oh did you hear, rumor has it from the Great Spirit that RMK might be cancelled? JK! No really...RMK is so last year, right?

There is no time like the present to set your calendars, inventory your gear and put those last season patches on your vest – let’s get rrrrrrready to camp!

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